Although, it is very obvious that the main difference between a frameless wall mirror and a framed wall mirror is exactly the enclosure of this last one, many people are confused about the options these two offer as well as the best way to integrate into their home decor. The answer is that other than the frame, there is no difference choosing one or another.

Cheap wall mirrors or expensive mirrors make no difference either. A wall mirror can be used in your home decoration for a number of purposes that could only be merely decorative, but also to add functionality in certain areas of your home. Large decorative wall mirrors can make bare walls look better but also to reflect outdoor light, which is an inexpensive solution to add luminosity to those dark areas that need extra lamps otherwise.

A simple decorative wall mirror can totally change the perception of a room that lacks personality and a frameless wall mirror is great as under cabinet back light. Framed wall mirrors fit well next to the entrance door, where they are best appreciated by people that need a quick personal overlook while in a rush. We could multiply the many ways in which either frameless wall mirrors and framed wall mirrors can contribute to making your indoor space a more pleasant living area, but you are probably thinking of many other uses, places and situations in which large wall mirrors can come handy.

Therefore, there are no differences between choosing a framed wall mirror or a frameless one. The decision is up to you, but is not just about a matter of personal taste, but also to find the best use for it. It does not hurt that decorative wall mirrors that you buy for the pleasure to have beautiful items hanging on your wall, but if these items can contribute to providing the place with interesting lighting effects, they welcome to such additional benefit.

Custom-made full-length wall mirrors can add a sense of depth into a narrow room. This is the result of the reflection that visually extends the area that is displaying. This can be attained by any type of wall mirror, but the advantage of custom made wall mirrors is that you can order a particular frame for it, to add the decorative element that you may need to match an existing room decor.

However, hanging wall mirrors, or affixed decorative wall mirrors are not the only solution you can look at when it comes to integrating mirrors into your home decor. You can also select among a large array of freestanding framed wall mirrors that are easy to move elsewhere when you need to do so.