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    full length wall mirror

    The presence of full length wall mirror can instantly enhance any room adding style, depth, and function in one fell swoop. Full length mirror have always been a favorite by interior decorators and home owners who wanted to make the illusion that their space is big enough. But for practicality’s sake, full length mirrors are also ideal for ladies and gents who always wanted to see every detail of themselves, from top to bottom without moving the mirror. In an ever busy and self-conscious society, appearance is pretty important, but making the most of it matters more! So, that’s the reason why so many people are getting full length wall mirror.

    Choosing Full Length Wall Mirrors

    The most popular kinds today imbue minimalistic, vintage or contemporary looks. Gothic designs, casual and even fast-forward, avant garde designs are also a huge hit. Wall mirrors sit perfectly as the number option for their space and time saving benefits for someone who’s always been busy and yet wants to keep his image regal without taking too long. Wall mirrors offer amazing versatility in their frames and shapes that they can blend in any kind of furnishing and still not appear to be awkwardly placed. Another advantage of wall mirrors is that they considerably enhance the appearance of a room by giving the impression that it is more spacious than its actual dimensions. Full length wall mirrors can be of even greater use in certain themes, especially the vintage and the gothic ones.

    Vintage Design Mirrors for a Classic Appeal

    To begin with, a vintage design mirrors do tend to strive to achieve a general impression of artful antiquity. A wall mirror that covers a considerable portion of the space and can be used to view the entire body of the person, lends an old world charm to the room, which is reminiscent of black and white movies and ornately styled architecture and furniture.

    Add Dramatic Appeal to your Space with Gothic Themes

    The gothic theme seeks to induce dramatic effects into the design scheme, by the use of suitable pieces of decoration that can be used to highlight and bring into focus, the most remarkable features of the room. And what can be more dramatic than a full length wall mirror? Hence, these kinds of wall mirrors are widely especially in designing or remodelling the home.

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