I recently made a decision to cheer my life up a bit and I thought a good place to start was a complete home makeover. You know, out with the old and in with the new, kind of thing. Well, the first thing to do was research and does my home work on how to go about this. Considering such variables as the look and mood I wanted to achieve. The space I had to work with, colors, furnishings, all of these were factors. At some point during my little project it dawned on me like an epiphany, mirrors! That’s right, decorative wall mirrors is what I had been neglecting. I had not realized the profound effect of something as simple as a decorative wall mirror can have on the overall atmosphere. Doesn’t matter if it’s an expensive art piece or just a cheap plain mirror, its going change the environment.

I have since noticed how professional interior decorators make extensive use of mirrors to create the effect of open space where there is none. It can turn a small cramped room into the feeling of an open nonrestrictive and comfortable place. It is really an optical illusion but the feelings they render are quite real. I have also found that lighted mirrors go a step further in exquisite interior design. Whereas natural sun light or overhead lighting can create unwanted glare and or reflections, a lighted mirror can eliminate this effect. It can also create the right amount of light you need to capture the overall mood.

As you can see I am beginning to understand the importance of decorative wall mirrors for a successful renovation. But now I have much more homework to do because the choices, styles and price ranges of mirrors are extensive. As I am a person easily given to moderation, I intend to avoid an extreme outcome and wind up with a carnival fun house of mirrors. Even a conservative use of decorative wall mirrors can go long way in the improvement of your homes ascetic appeal. I tend to shy from it; it’s hard to overdo it when it comes to using mirrors in interior design. Though I have seen this done before and I’m sure you have as well. To me an example of this is floor to ceiling and wall to wall mirrors. This effect becomes over bearing to the senses. This just doesn’t work for subtle effects that are meant to work without even being aware of it. That’s more of what I was after. I have found that a strategically placed decorative wall mirror will achieve this effect without people knowing why. Now, I have begun to take into account the unconscious and psychological effects of interior design and mirrors. This also helps me to now realize why they can be a work of art all alone. Lighted mirrors and decorative mirrors can be that important.