Decorative wall mirror sets, rustic wall mirrors and other mirrors for sale at a discount price are always seductive not just for the money saving, but to decorate a particular area of our home that we often are sure the mirror fits in. However, there are too many myths and very little facts when it comes to buying cheap wall mirrors for sale, that is better for you know to so you can avoid falling into a trap that may refrain you from buying an excellent wall mirror the next time you find wall mirrors cheap.

First off, when you buy decorative wall mirrors, that are exactly what you are acquiring, a large wall mirror or small wall mirror that is designed to decorate an area of your home, so probably the first myth comes from the practitioners of Feng Shui, who claim that round wall mirrors can reflect all negative energy floating around a place.

While it is true that is a common Feng Shui practice uses wall mirrors to “cure” and redirect light energy, the shape and size of the mirror has little influence in such practice, although hexagonal and octagonal shapes are preferred for this practice, but there is no scientific evidence that supports the fact that mirrors absorb negative energies.

Another myth that surrounds extra large wall mirrors is associated with the traditional superstition that states seven years of bad luck to whoever breaks a mirror. Naturally, the bad luck mainly consists of losing the money that you pay for it when it breaks. However, many people think that is not worth buying those large cheap wall mirrors for sale because the larger the mirror, the worst bad luck, or long lasting it could be.

Believe it or not, many people buy full-length wall mirrors to be aware of a danger that may be present in the home, but that is likely never to happen; unveil any vampire lurking around. The myth says that vampires do not reflect so the larger the mirror the less chances they can hide and a discount wall mirror is worth the price for this bizarre purpose.

The Narcissus Greek myth is a legitimate myth, but it is also a fact that you can buy cheap wall mirrors and put them around your home just for the pleasure to see your reflection everywhere. Of course, they can have much more decor functionality than just nurturing your ego, but there is no commandment that prevents this practice, and there are people who like such idea.

Regardless what are the myths you have heard about mirrors, the true fact is that cheap wall mirrors for sale can help you to decorate your home with originality, but very little money.