Using full-length mirrors in home decor make it unnecessary the addition of other decorative elements within the room setting. Thus, large decorative wall mirrors are also a great idea to economize when it is time to remodel your home and yet add resale value. However, many people are afraid of oversized wall mirrors because they cannot figure out how to hang them, and are even scared that the weight of wall mirrors will make them fall if they are not properly affixed.

The fear is justified, but the risk of breaking a large wall mirror is the same as the breaking of a framed picture broken if the frame is not properly set. Even though, it is easy and safe to hang full-length mirrors when you know how to do it, and this is what you are now going to learn.

Long wall mirrors may not have anything on the back to hang them or affix them to the wall, but there are mirror hangers and mirror clips that can help you with the hanging task. Although, you can hang a full-length mirror alone, it is advisable that you ask the delivery service to put it next to the wall you have reserved for it, because this way you make the job easier. Naturally, you will also need to make a decision based on the purpose of the oversized wall mirror.

As an example, oval wall mirrors are often used to be affixed to bedrooms and dressing rooms, or as inserts in closet doors. If this is the case, think if this is a permanent location for your wall mirror and if the answer is affirmative, you may consider more stable solutions than hangers or clips. There are special glues and wires to affix mirrors permanently in the place of your preference. This material can be found at places where there are cheap wall mirrors for sale, and in hardware stores.

The hanging technique depends on the wall mirror size and the surface you have chosen for it. Gluing the mirror is the best way to get a clean finish, but you must make sure it is a quality glue to prevent damages of the coating silvering from the back. Adhesive patches are not recommended for either large wall mirrors or small wall mirrors, because this type does not have enough adherences and the heat softens the adhesive coat, making the mirrors displace, and even increasing the risk of a breakage when their weight is too heavy to be supported by this weak adherent.

Ask at your hardware store for the best to make sure your full-length wall mirror is securely affixed to your wall using the right glue.