Large frameless wall mirrors are not really appealing by themselves, but they can be when you use them as decorative mirrors for the living room, bathroom, bedroom, or other areas in you home, including the kitchen. There are so many large wall mirrors for sale that it would be hard to list the different styles and shapes you can find. In addition, when it comes to framed wall mirrors, the available options to buy a wall mirror include the selection of colors and frame designs.

Whether you select elegant wall mirrors, modern wall mirrors, rustic wall mirrors, or contemporary wall mirrors, it is important that you know that below the silvering coating, you are buying a piece of glass that has to meet certain characteristics if what you want is to acquire a quality piece that last in good conditions for long time. There are cheap wall mirrors for sale that you can buy for a fraction of a costly one. However, it is necessary to weigh what is more important for you, quality or price.

A cheap round wall mirror may last for years, but if the manufacturing quality is low, the silvering coating will start to peel sooner, or it might be damaged by environmental factors such as humidity. Naturally, cheap wall mirrors can be replaced very easily, but there is also the possibility to buy quality discount wall mirrors for the same price of the cheaper ones. Before buying a large wall mirror, do research and compare prices.

Take into account the mirror mounting, which is the rigid element on the back of the mirror that supports it. Some big wall mirrors or small wall mirrors may not include a rigid element, but a protective coating. When none of these is present, you must ask about the mirror thickness, which may be in the range of 1/8” to 3/16 inch, or 1/4 inch, which is the best thickness for long durability. In addition to thickness, a flat surface guarantees that there will not be image distortion.

Full-length wall mirrors could be heavier than small wall mirrors, but their weight is not a guarantee of flatness. The manufacturing process of wall mirrors plays an important role to determine the quality of the piece. Mirrors are manufactured with silver nitrate, which a toxic chemical if the mirror breaks so, once again, the thickness of wall mirrors is important to prevent they break with ease. Finally, learn how to clean your large wall mirrors and do not worry about any possible scratch. Scratches can be repaired with toothpaste, rubbing the scratch gently and the polishing with a soft cloth. However, if the scratch does not vanish, there are professional services that can repair the problem.